SAVE 40% New in sealed pkg! Outdoor Edge RazorMax 5.0/3.5” Replaceable Fixed Blade Knife w/sheaths - Perfect Gift, Father’s Day, Hunting, Camping

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SAVE 40%
NEW in sealed package!
Outdoor Edge RazorMax Replaceable Fixed Blade Knife for sale. It comes with the camo sheaths and 6 blades in two different styles - 3.5 inch drop-point to 5.0 inch boning/fillet blade for one knife to field dress, and also process game into cuts for the table. The blades are easy to remove and install, and can be sharpened as well.
Knife Description below. Similar style models are around $90+GST.
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Description and Specifications
• Two styles of interchangeable blades to field dress, debone, and process game—all with a single tool

• Ergonomically shaped handle with nonslip grip prevents fatigue during long periods of use

• Quality polymer/nylon belt sheath with removable blade caddy

• Use included BladeBox to safely store additional blades when not in use

The RazorMax combines the strength and performance of a fixed blade knife with the patented RazorSafe
replaceable blade system. Two unique blade styles allow you to switch from 3.5 inch drop-point to 5.0 inch boning/fillet blade for one knife to field dress, and process game into perfect cuts for the table—all with a single tool that never needs sharpening. The rubberized TPR handle is ergonomically shaped for a positive, nonslip grip, and prevents fatigue during long periods of use. Comes complete with six blades total (three each of 3.5 inch drop-point and three each of 5.0 inch boning fillet blade) and polymer/nylon belt sheath with detachable blade carrier and storage box.

Drop Point Blade (3 each): 3" (8.89 cm)
Boning/Fillet Blade (3 each): 5" (12.7 cm)

Overall Drop Point Blade: 8" (20.32 cm)

Overall Boning/Fillet Blade: 9-1/2" (24.13 cm)

Weight: 2.6 oz. (73.7 g)

Weight with Sheath: 4.7 oz. (133.24 g)